The Brown Eyed Boy!

Hi guys!

Me again, sorry for not posting like 1 freaking month. But you know, I don’t think my teachers care about the fact that I need some time for my blog… -_-

Alright, September and October were so busy months: school started again (snif), I got a lot of homework and many other stuff! But now it is… VACATION. Thank God, cuzz I really needed some extra hours of sleep. 😉

I got a question for you! Do you know NOAH CENTINEO? (You may know him from: To all the boys I’ve loved before, Sierra Burgess is a loser,…) He’s really my biggest obsession since august, I mean (face that looks like: “not only mine, but everyone’s obsession”). Besides the fact that he’s like way to old for me, he lives in America and some people says he’s gay… I like him, but yeah, RIP our wedding.

There’s a boy in my class who maybe look a little bit like him, but like little little bit. 🙂 I’m not going to say his real name but I will call him “the brown eyed boy” (wow Hanne, why your so original) 🙂 I mean, he look a bit like Noah, got the same cuteness level as Noah and is my age! Can you imagine that? (dreamy eyes) We will see in future. (wink wink)

This post is getting a little bit long, but I could write much more about The Brown Eyed Boy. 😉                                                                                                                                              Thank you so much for reading this post, leave some reactions in the comment!

H x

P.S.: Thank you so much bloggers from The Dihedral for liking my first post! I take a look at your website and I am really impressed! You guys have such a perfect blog, I saw a few of your post were about nature. I really respect mother nature, so I respect your initiative’s (like the #plasticcap challenge) Again, thank you so freaking much!FIND THEIR BLOG BELOW

P.P.S.: let me know in the comment if you guys see some grammatical fault or other things xoxo


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